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The application scale of cylinder high-efficiency wool steamer includes tea, Chinese herbal medicine, corn, vegetables, food, chicken manure, slag, towel quilt cover, sawdust, slime, desulfurization gypsum, compound fertilizer, honeysuckle, straw lump fuel, charcoal machinery, sawdust granular fuel, sawdust lump, agricultural and animal husbandry engineering, etc. Party B will provide work and life convenience to Party A representatives. Can the sky turn cold and winter pass? Winter is cold, especially for Xuzhou. (4) Within 8 days after the first functional test of the equipment has passed, Party B shall compile and supply the complete set of wage materials for Party A to file. (Party B still guarantees the function and reliability of the product after the acceptance of the site test; Party B is not considered to be relieved of the responsibility of Party B for the inspection and harvesting of the workshop. 圆筒高效蒸呢机特点是出产率高,操作便利。厂房土建投资少(厂房高度。新投产的项目应对机电系统进行周全调试知足设备使用机能的要求并经由过程正式验收后方可投入使用。燃气系统的计量流量计由甲方供给。8烘干筒筒体外侧加振打锤或者采用其他物料打散装配以防止筒内粘料。5煤仓:由甲方供给图纸。(5乙方保证所供给的设备知足现场平安、靠得住运行的要求并对设备的设计、制造、供货、装箱、发运、现场调试等全过程周全负责。(7乙方对保质期内因质量原因导致的产物损坏实施无偿的修复和零件配制直至产物改换。
The cylinder efficient steaming machine is characterized by high production rate and convenient operation. Factory building investment is small (plant height). The newly commissioned project shall be thoroughly debugged for the mechanical and electrical system to meet the requirements of the equipment's function and shall be put into use only after formal acceptance and acceptance. The metering flowmeter of the gas system is supplied by Party A. 8 add the vibratory hammer to the outside of the drying cylinder or use other materials to bulk up to prevent sticking in the cylinder. 5 bunker: supply drawings by Party A. Party B guarantees that the equipment supplied meets the requirements of safe and reliable operation on site and is fully responsible for the whole process of equipment design, manufacture, supply, packing, shipment and on-site debugging. (7) Party B shall repair the damaged products caused by quality reasons during the shelf life without compensation and make up parts until the products are replaced.

The cylinder body of the cylinder high-efficiency wool steaming machine is a horizontal rotary cylinder. There are various kinds of sheets with different interlacing and enumerating angles welded before and after its internal domain. Different types of refractory BRICs are inlaid in the rotary kiln according to the requirements. Door rings and spiral sheets are installed at the feeding end to prevent material reversal. Party A has the right of final choice. The front and rear seals are sealed with stainless steel fish chips. The whole machine is inserted safely with supporting wheels, which eliminates the transmission of mega-fine gears and replaces it with supporting wheels, making the installation of the equipment more convenient, the operation simpler, the operation more reliable and the operation rate higher. The reducer is selected from Jiangsu Tyrone product. 4 moisture: < 0% before drying. Material of fluidized bed Hood: heat resistant cast steel. .5 dry slag pile weight: The cylinder is also the most commonly used in industrial drying equipment. 4 wheel material adopts zg45# normalizing processing hbs00. Using far infrared and steam energy for wood drying, its energy operation rate is less than 50%, while using microwave as energy operation rate can reach more than 75%, which is more than 25% lower than far infrared and steam drying energy consumption. Because the microwave impregnates the inside and outside parts of the wood at the same time and the fever is average, the wood treated by microwave dries thoroughly on average, improves the quality of the product, does not crack, deformation, discoloration, and can correct the curvature, etc.

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